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 Veteran media personality, Kofi Okyere Darko, well known as KOD, speaks about his experience at EIB and relationship with Bola Ray.

In a recent interview with Roselyn Feli on the “PrimeMorning” show on Joy Prime, KOD disclosed he had to endure six months of work without getting paid. Coupled with the sour relationship between him and his former boss, Bola Ray.

The fashion enthusiast revealed that, the station was at their lowest, financially, and it caused them to lose a lot of their staff at the time. He also mentioned working for months without salary which made him and his colleagues leave the station at the time.

“I told Bola I was taking a leave without pay since there was no money already. I worked for about 6months without pay. So I took a walk and we’re cool”. He said 

“I left on a mutual separation agreement. I don’t think anyone was sacked. It was a mass exodus of people around that time. Some were moving to different stations others were doing their thing. For me I was done. Even though that was not how we had to leave”. He added

According to the creative head of Nineteen57, Bola Ray’s refusal to debunk the false narrative that they were sacked sort of destroyed their relationship. He went on to express his disappointment with the narrative as he expected his former boss to have done better.

“One of the local radio stations had a show and I was told the presenter said we didn’t leave but we were sacked. We later found out that the presenter, in the person of kofi Asamoah, was very close to Bola so maybe he was speaking for him. I called Bola Ray to ask him, he denied. I asked that they respond as a company to clear the air but they never did. It kinda marred our relationship a bit. Later the producer of the show told me that Bola Ray called into the show and spoke to someone. I was highly disappointed”. The seasoned broadcaster expressed

By:Jesse Acquandoh||Ghana
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