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Unless you transform the lives of ordinary people, you cannot hope to transform Africa-J.A Kufour.

Former president of the Republic of Ghana His Excellency John Agyekum Kufour also known as the “Gentle Giant”, because of his good works ruled from 2000 to 2008.

In his words

“Unless you transform the lives of ordinary people, you cannot hope to transform Africa”.

His tweet, many believe, is explaining the call of Ghanaian youths in recent times dubbed #FixTheCountry. an online protest by the youth in a serious state of mind demanding accountability and good life from the government. Ghana as a country in recent times has experienced so many worse incidents.

Counting from electricity problems popularly known as “Dumsor”, water shortages, bad road network, poor health care system, poor educational system, high cost of living, increment of fuel prices, illegal mining(galamsey), etc which in effect have garnered nationwide uproar since they affect everyoneone and it’s never in anyway backed by any political party but rather to the interest of the ordinary Ghanaian.

During the online protest, some political heads and some young people countered the main cause with a hashtag #FixYourself rubbishing the problems in the country and stating categorically that the problems were rather caused by the citizens and not the government, which confirmed the saying “it is easy to destroy the African man because his own people will help in destroying him”. In order to transform Africa first of all transform the lives of its citizens.

By :Benedict Solomon

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