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The Rising Star, JayKay

Recently singer/ songwriter Ernest Kofie Junior popularly known as Jaykay has gone from being an unknown artist, to becoming a rising star in Afrobeat music.

His single, No Dulling was one of the most trending songs in the country after it was released and his new release Corny was making waves and topping charts. In addition JakeJaykay has built a large online fanbase with a huge number of followers across all platforms.

His music, characterized by great swells of emotion and technical difficulty, He is young and upcoming, singer-songwriter, whose ability to soulfully build complex. Growing up, Jaykay was a fan of music and had crazy love for music ! He began to focusing on singing and performing, where he was inspired by such artists as Davido, Wizkid and Ice Prince.

He has always loved music, and he started writing songs when he was a teenager.
He was always singing in the shower and began to write and record freestyles during his leisure time. His talent is just special, he got the attention of many music lovers after he posted a freestyle he made.

People started asking who is this guy, and many even went ahead tipping him to be the future of Ghana music and the one that can finally bring the Grammy award to Ghana.
He got a positive reactions from the people and it served as a motivation for him as an upcoming artist. He is a powerful, soulful singer, and his gritty style gives his songs a real authenticity.

His music fame started during his days at Secondary school where he used to perform at various musical shows in School, in addition he continued his musical dreams at the tertiary level. It was a dream he never wanted to give up, he faced many challenges at the tertiary level but more importantly he was still getting the attention of the people. After he completed University, his father wanted him to choose a different profession. His father is a contractor and he wanted his son to join him.

The young sensation was not happy with the father’s decision but had no option then to join him. After working with his father for several months, he decided to take a bold step in his life by leaving his father’s job to continue his musical dreams.

So Far Jaykay has released two singles currently and planing of releasing his third song before December, he has been performing live shows and planning on having a tour around the country to feed his fans with exciting music.

In addition to his songwriting and recording, Jaykay is a talented video artist who has released many entertaining videos. Several of his videos are full productions that display vibrant choreography and elaborate set designs, he teamed up with renowned dance group DWP Academy to jam to his song “No Dulling”.

Impressively he is being recognized for his excellence as a songwriter.
The talented singer has a beautiful singing voice with a great range and knows how to hit those high notes. He has a natural talent and an impressive technique. His dynamic singing style is captivating and truly inspiring. Many music lovers are impressed by his passion and power that he shows during his performance.
Won’t be surprised to hear Jaykay’s name on bigger platforms, he is certainly the future megastar.

By:Gideon Amoah||Ghana

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