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It’s obvious that, the immigration officer is at risk as the soldier or any other security personnel in Ghana if you wear the lens of honesty and candor.

We are all aware that the Ghana immigration service has the mandate to deal with embarking and disembarking (Going out and coming into Ghana) of people which has made them to become the lead occupants of our entry points( Frontiers, Borders) across Ghana. There’s no frontier, entry point or unapproved route in Ghana 🇬🇭 that you won’t find an immigration officer around,so technically,any sort of threat or attack to the nation must first be met by an immigration officer even before the military will come in and you want to tell me the immigration officer is not at a great risk? The immigration officer is at risk so why the disparity?

Over the years or per the historical trend ,African countries have not engaged in war with each other before but has been witnessing cases of terrorism , as we know these terrorist enters those respective countries through the borders and it is the immigration officers who will be the first point of contact so the immigration officers are at great risk which must be complimented.

The immigration officer is at risk as the soldier or any other security officers.
I have been observing with keen interest how at state gatherings, they only seek to acknowledge the Military and the Police in the context of security without recourse to the Ghana immigration service, it saddens me.

I think the majority of the citizens don’t know the risk the immigration officer is prone to so they don’t recognize our input and it’s about time we highlight some of these things to inform them of how determined the immigration officers are in ensuring the security of the state.

Fellow Ghanaians, I have gone through the immigration Service Regulations 2016, L.I 2245 and under Allowance for immigration officers, there are litany of allowances not less than 19 allowances which the immigration officers are entitled to but on the Payslip I can find only 4, it’s disheartening but that notwithstanding, what bothers me most is the risks the immigration officer is exposed to, I can’t find risk allowance on the payslip, why? Shouldn’t this have been the priority of allowances in there? Why the disparity? I’m tempted to believe what was making rounds on social media purporting to be the salary structure of the military which has been confirmed to me by one of their WOs just yesterday and he even went further to suggest that their lance corporal’s salary is what the Deputy superintendent of immigration (DSI) is taking, this can only be a conduit for calamity befallen my Commissioned officers, if this is the case then I presume WO in military is taking more than Deputy controller general in immigration, why the disparity? Something needs to be done.

Hello Relevant Authority!
I will like you to avert your mind to Article 24(1) of the 1992 constitution,
I quote”Every person has the right to work under satisfactory,safe and healthy conditions and shall receive equal pay for equal work without discrimination of any kind.”
Assuming without admitting that per any policy of the state, military men have to earn more than the immigration service,Shouldn’t the disparity be reasonable?
Could you imagine what would have been the story line if an Assistant inspector in Immigration service is earning more than a captain in the military? We are all exposed to the risks as security agencies.
Recently my good friend and a brother Aicoii Michael Otoo has been shot dead at Hamile in line of duty which is unfortunate but you see how the immigration officer is prone to risk? There’s a terrorism threat all over the sub region and it is the immigration officers at the borders ,frontiers and the entry points, they’ll be the first point of contact, that is an eminent risk to the immigration officer, immigration officers are at risk Sir.

There’s a saying that a country which doesn’t honor its heroes is not worth dying for but the immigration officer has no choice but to defend and die for the nation as a hero since we have sworn an oath of allegiance.
The efforts of the immigration officers need to be complimented to serve as motivation to motivate us to discharge our duties with all our heart.The immigration service was granted the permission to possess weapons which necessitated the need for almost half of the personnels who were trained at Huhunya in weapon handling. Please where’s the weapon allowance?

Hello Relevant Authority!
Ghana is a democratic state and one of the key tenets of a democratic dispensation is pointed out in Article 17(1)(2)and (3) of the 1992 constitution of Ghana. Which makes it clearly unambiguous how every citizen is equal before the law and must be treated equally devoid of discrimination,so why treat the military more important than others?

The salary of the immigration officer is nothing to write home about compared to other security agencies,something needs to be done to bridge that disparity.

This is the genesis of the missive pleas to you, please do something about it to enliven our depressive selves……..

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