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My Friend Influenced Me To Do Drugs – Evangelist Lord Kenya

Evangelist Lord Kenya said on Upside Down yesterday that he started doing drugs due to the influence of friends.

Speaking on Upside down Lord Kenya said he and his friend used to take alcohol but he indulged in drugs when he entered the music industry.

In his words:”It was my friends who influenced me to do drugs. When I was in secondary school, my friends and I used to take alcohol. When I got into music, some friends came along who were into drugs” Lord Kenya added that when you do drugs, there is a point you take drugs and don’t feel anything and you want to do more to be high.

“When you do drugs, there is a point where you take in the drugs and don’t get high the way you want to so you have to take more. At the time, I didn’t know that if I wanted to get high, all I needed was the Most High”

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