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I’m Working On My PhD In Theology – Sonnie Badu Declares After His Four Months Degree Course

By: Ice Moni

US-based Ghanaian musician Sonnie Agyemang Badu says he is pursuing another course of PhD in Theology.

Sonnie declared that his recent trolls on social media will not let him stop in whatever he is doing in real life and his Studies.

He advised the youth to work hard and achieve their aims instead of looking up to a troll of somebody’s hard work”.

“I’m actually working on my PhD in Theology as well; I’m done with Philosophy and doing my Theology. I just don’t come out to tell the world this is what I’m studying, but if you look at me you can see this man is a very educated man. Sonnie Badu stated.

The Baba hitmaker again said “So, I’m adding another one to it because I believe in Ministry if we have a lot of educated people who are at the forefront, a lot of things wouldn’t have happened so that is why, I’ve taken on the journey to really educate myself,”

“From my masters in Christian Leadership, when I started ministry, some of you were students in school maybe Junior High or Senior High but today, the internet gives you strength to talk. I have done ministry in my whole life. Sonnie Badu said in a Facebook live video monitored by

Sonnie Badu described that, he has been in ministry for 28 years and has a BA in Ministry.

The gospel Minister said his certificate of BA in ministry made him got the beautiful Rock Hill Church in Atlanta Georgia, USA.

“My honorary doctorate in musicology, I love it. It’s incredible, it’s a great honour, honorary doctorate in divinity, I love it. I can teach deep mysteries. I got tired of honorary; they are all here […]; three years I’ve been working hard. I get appointed at a university to download my knowledge and teach. I love universities in Africa but it’s also an honour to have a university here that I work. I thought that should be a mark that everybody can look up to and say wow! If this is where he has gotten to then let me also work hard to do it. He said.

“But young men when I was doing ministry, I don’t know how old they are, having the audacity to disrespect and others are jumping, it doesn’t move me; it doesn’t touch me because I know the mindset that’s why I don’t live there. I know the mindset of my people that is why I don’t live there. But think about it if we keep on going on this way, will our nation grow? If we keep on going on this way, especially in Ghana, killing our heroes; somebody has the audacity to question my Presidential Lifetime Achievement award. Do you know what it means to question my citizenship, my keys to the state, do you know what it actually means?” Sonnie Badu voiced out.

The Gospel Musician said anybody who has gain the chance to be at his teaching premises will surely testify to it that he is well educated and really understand the word of God.

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