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I’m no angel, stop seeing me as one, there’s none in the Church; we’re all sick’ – Duncan-Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has said: “I’m still a work in progress” and urged Christians to “stop seeing me as an angel”.

“Those of you who see gifted people, anointed people as angels, there’s something wrong with you”, he told his congregation on Sunday, 13 March 2022 during the second service at Action Chapel International.

Archbishop Duncan-Williams said people who see men of God in that light “don’t understand the Christian walk; you don’t understand grace and mercy; you don’t understand the humanity and divinity of man.

“And one of the things we should be careful of that I said in the first service: ‘We have this notion, perception and belief that the Church is for angels, it’s for holy people’, and, so, when you come to church, you expect everybody to act like an angel and when people act out of character as fallen man that we are, even though we are redeemed by the blood of the land, we’re still in the flesh, we’re still in the body as long as we live in this body and this flesh, every now and then, we’ll act like the fallen man and you must make room for that. We must make room for mistakes. And we must stop expecting people to act like an angel”, he said.

“There is no angel in the Church”, the preacher stressed.

He said: “We are all sick people. We’ve all come to Jesus’ hospital and He’s the doctor and we’ve all come to Jesus for healing. We are all sick, so, stop asking me, ‘What is your sickness?’ You, too, what is your sickness? And, stop asking me, ‘What are you doing here?’ ‘You, too, what are you doing here?’ We’ve all come to be healed. And stop expecting angels”.

“There are no angels in the Church”, he reiterated, explaining: “The same people you find in the marketplace are the same people in the Church. So, when you come to church and people mistreat and mishandle you, stop being shocked”.

“All this shock, shock, shock; ‘I’m shocked, I’m surprised, I can’t believe it’; you better believe it that everywhere human beings like you are, there’ll be problems. That is who we are. And the Church is not exempted”.

Irrespective of that, Archbishop Duncan-Williams said: “As messy as the Church can be sometimes, ladies and gentlemen, it is the safest place to be”.

“Don’t leave the Church, don’t come out of the ark. If you come out of the ark, the flood will drown you; it’ll carry you away”, he admonished.

“And, the enemy is looking for you out there; he can’t get you, so, what he has to do is to come among us and trigger you, provoke you by some fallen natures of man, which we all have, including me; so, don’t look at me like I’m an angel; I ain’t not angel. I got feelings like you”.


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