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DMCE Secures Every African Artiste’s Future With New Product

In partnership with chordCash, Digital Music Commerce and Exchange Limited (DMCE) announces the launch of a new product— Orin Fund.

Orin Fund is an e-commerce marketplace holding  various forms of financial products for artistes across Africa. Its first product which has the name of the fund itself is in partnership with chordCash, an American company which provides a patented technology to help artistes get advances on their streaming royalties. 

In three simple steps, any African artiste can acquire the funds they need for their project between 7-14 days. Within the next few months, Orin Fund is expanding its products to have other financial solutions to develop artistes/ labels in Africa without excluding labels/artist exit or raise funds from private investors both locally and internationally. 

This innovation by DMCE aims to give artistes control over their intellectual property while still providing the funds they need to stay afloat and succeed in the emerging market where funding is a huge challenge.

[President Digital Music Commerce and Exchange Limited – Oyinkansola Foza Fawehinmi

With the accelerated popularity of African music globally, it is important that we develop our structures locally to support the global expansion of our artistes. In a continent of 1.4billion+ people with 70% of its demography under 30, intellectual property is the next gold mine of the continent with music as one of its forerunners, it is important to create a decentralized marketplace for access to funds at whatever career level for an African artiste. I am excited to be working with several partners in creating unique financial solutions for each market. Chordcash has taken an early bet in the market and I am certain of its success. 

Founded in 2018, Digital Music Commerce and Exchange Limited (“DMCE”) is an African foused company that is set to redefine the intellectual property valuation, collateralization and general monetization of the African music space. They are currently established in Ghana, Tanzania, and the USA with Nigeria as the headquarters. Through Intellectual Property valuation, protection, management, administration— and now funding, it gives every artist the means to thrive and own their craft. Via Orinfund, DMCE extends this service to artists in all African countries with access to both local and international funding. 

[Chief Operating Officer Digital Music Commerce and Exchange Limited Olayinka Ezekiel – At DMCE, our mission is to place African creators at the center of the entertainment value chain. 

Orin Fund is bolstered by a team with extensive finance, entertainment and media experience. Our new product approach leverages global best practice but is adapted to fit the African context and opportunity

     Eric Palumbo, Head of Partner Activation & Growth Marketing at chordCash, “chordCash is honored to become DMCE’s chosen partner to join their mission in empowering artists across Africa through Orin Fund. Independent African musicians will have access to funding that helps expand their global reach without having to sacrifice ownership of their music or control of their careers. Our data driven funding model combined with DMCE’s expertise in intellectual property will make Orin Fund a powerful new resource available to artists looking to take the next steps in their career growth.” 

DMCE offers catalogue  administration  services to some  of the biggest and most respected artistes in Nigeria’s music industry some of which include; K1 De Ultimate), The Estate of Dagrin, Sola Allyson Obaniyi, Premier Records, The Estate of  Chief Sikiru Ayinde Barrister.

They also see to the business management of hyperlocal record  labels, such as Remdel Optimum Communications which is affiliated with top gospel Artistes such as; Tope Alabi, Bola Are, Evangelist Bisi Alawiye, Evangelist Dunni Olanrewaju (aka Opelope Anointing) and Daniel Aregebesola.

DMCE’s new product, Orinfund, is a monumental moment in achieving its goals and mission. That is to ensure that artists are covered on all grounds and made aware of their assets and bargaining power. Basically creating a levelled playing ground for them.

Orin Fund would go a long way in giving every budding and/or existing African artist a genuine fighting chance. As they have proved time and again, every move and decision DMCE makes is always in the best interest of every African artist. Without a doubt, Orin Fund is a pretty good example.

You can access orinfund by clicking here

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