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Bernardo Silva discusses why he asked to be released from Manchester City and confirms contract negotiations.

Bernardo Silva stated why he want to leave Manchester City

Bernardo Silva and Pep Guardiola

Portuguese professional footballer Bernardo Silva has spoken out about his decision to quit Manchester City this summer, claiming it had nothing to do with his love for the sky blues. The 27-year-old silva’s desire to leave Eithad was revealed over the summer, and Guardiola confirmed his intentions at the start of the new season.

The Midfielder has now detailed how the pandemic made him homesick, and how this was the motivating force behind his wish to flee in an interview with the New York Times

“It was terrible for me because I was separated from my family,” he continued. I used to go to Portugal for a few days and eat supper with my parents. Even though it was just supper, it was nice to see your folks. It was frustrating not to be able to.

“To be honest, that wasn’t a pleasant situation.” I was alone in my flat for a time. My girlfriend arrived later. It was detrimental to everyone. I could tell by the expressions on my teammates’ faces that it was a difficult time for them as well.”

“I was feeling a little lonely in England at the moment, and I wasn’t satisfied with my life.” And when you’re unhappy, you don’t do as well at work as you do when you’re pleased. I was fine physically, but you can’t do your work correctly if you don’t do it with a smile on your face.

“I discussed it with the club since I was unhappy with my life here and wanted to be closer to my family.” The incident had nothing to do with the club, however. One of my favorite clubs is Manchester City. My teammates, the fans, and the club are all people I admire.

“Nothing occurred after that.” I stayed, and as long as I’m here, I’ll always give my all for this club.”

Portugal national team player then gave an update on his plans for the future, were he said he will meet with the Man city at the end of the season to decide whether he wants to stay, leave, or sign a new contract.

“At the end of the season, I’m going to meet down with City and see what’s best for all sides,” Bernado said. We’re in the middle of the season, and we’re aiming for a number of significant prizes.”


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