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Angry Ablekuma Central NPP Youth Threaten Bloodshed If MCE Is Not Removed

The Concerned Youth of Ablekuma Central Municipality are calling on President Akufo-Addo to sack the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon Mariama Karley Amui or be held responsible for any bloodshed in the Municipality.

The group is demanding the dismissal of the MCE from office by the President for non-performance as well as causing the loss of the Parliamentary seat to the Opposition NDC.

Addressing the media in Ablekuma Central, the group alleged that the MCE financed and sponsored ‘Skirt and Blouse’ voting just to prevent the MP from uncovering the rots and dubious deals of the Assembly since its inception.

The group indicated that the MCE few days to election in her bid to make the MP unpopular decided to lockdown shops in our stronghold (Abossey Okai Spare Parts), subjecting the the constituents to high forms of molestation inhumane treatment by her staff through her instructions.

A clear evidence was sighted when a post election interview by the Citifm crew on why they voted against the party in Abossey Okai saw the spare parts dealers confess the rampant locking of shops by the Assembly as well as the poor sanitation issues as reasons for their decision.

According to one Samuel Ofori, the MCE was secretly meeting the NDC PC and resourcing his campaigns against the NPP PC.

Same MCE claimed to have spent an amount of 9 Billion Cedis on a renovation of a 2-storey building without any proper auditing and value for money.

The Constituency executives and the MP upon realising and trying to correct the wrongs of the MCE led to her conspiracy with some of the Assembly members to fight the MP and his executives.

Hon Abana Yakubu Asoke, the Assembly member of the Nmemmette Electoral area who is also the Presiding Member as well as the 1st Vice Chair of the party is part of those she connive with to bring the MP down.

The Presiding Member who was seen Jubilating and celebrating the MPs loss also preached “Skirt and blouse” alongside his compatriot Assembly Member of Abossey Okai, Hon Tubai Amuda and Muntari Wahab all of the NPP.

The MCE also connived with Constituency Women Organiser, Madam Dora Osei Osei Boateng who also double as the Assembly Woman for Mataheko to destroy the MP. Madam Dora Osei Boateng who had openly expressed her hatred for the MP since 2016 also campaigned openly against the MP.

Eric Arthur, a Polling Station Executive for Ablekuma Central explained to the reporter why they decided to call for the head of the MCE.

He said, “Our MCE aside her numerous corruption acts during COVID-19 decided to hand over the government relief items to the NDC staff at the Assembly instead of the NPP members”. Same MCE went on to handover the Agyapa Coal Pot to the NDC members at the expense of our strongholds and that contributed to our loss.

This woman has succeeded in collapsing the NPP structures in Ablekuma Central, subjecting party members at the Assembly to high forms of Maltreatment and driving them away
when they approach her for help.

How can we work with an MCE that has displayed incompetence interms of development and had to leave everything on the shoulders of the hardworking MP to carry? An MCE that is only interested in raising high memos for no work done?”

He warned the group would embark on series of protests and demonstrations if their request is not granted by the President.

By Janiel Annan

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