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11 Movie Franchise to Watch While Under Lockdown


Before Money Heist, there were the Ocean’s. This epic heist movie is too good for you not to see.

James Bond (007)

Regarded as on the greatest action flicks of all time, if you are looking for an action movie to keep you entertained whiles you distance yourself socially, this franchise is enough. The Daniel Craig versions of 007 should be enough.

The Hunger Games.

Based on the bestseller of the same name by Suzzane Collins, the movie delivers great story and thrilling scenes and it is definitely a must see movie.

The Matrix

You may have definitely seen this movie once or twice when you were younger but ask yourself “Did I understand the concept?” Well, now is the time to revisit the action flick that defined the Sci-fi movie genre.

Mission Impossible

You just cannot talk about action movies and leave the MI franchise out of it. Established its place as one the best action movies with its current release, Fallout.

Harry Potter

If the books were marketed as books for kids, the movie definitely proved this adventure was made for both the young and old. This movies delivers an epic and gruelling adventure from Harry and his friends throughout their 8 years in Hogwarts.

Jason Bourne

Regarded as one of the best action movies to grace our screens, this movie proved to 007 you don’t need fancy tech and gadgets to put out a spy thriller action movie. This movie has one the best actions scenes and sequences you can ever want in an action flick and definitely redefined the spy movie genre.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Just sit behind your TV or laptop as Captain Jack Sparrow takes you on a ride of your life.


You may have heard of this but still feel reluctant to watch. Now that you’re under lockdown, just take the time and watch as the Autobots and humans take on the Decepticons in this robot centered movie with great scores and soundtracks in the background Spoilers: There is actually a robot called Lockdown in this franchise.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

Can we talk about Comic book movies without talking about Batman? After years of hit and miss from all angles to make comic book movies stand out, the epiphany came from Christopher Nolan. This movie brought back the lost love for comic book movies and in doing so, gave us the greatest villain to grace our TV screens.

Middle Earth

The Lord of the Rings plus The Hobbits. Do I even have to say much about this adventure?

Honourable Mentions:

Fast and Furious


The Maze Runner

John Wick

The Twilight Saga

Stay Safe

By Paa Grant (@paa__grant)

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