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10% of Ghanaians’ top 100 music genres is religious music, Spotify Wrapped 2021 data reveals

Is every day Worship Day in Ghana? As much as 10% of Ghanaian Spotify users’ most-streamed music genres is religious-related.

Although rap, Afropop, and Afrobeat run the show in Ghana — showcasing how much the people love to party in the midst of a pandemic — as many as 10 religious genres found themselves in the Top 100 genres.

The data provided by Spotify’s Wrapped 2021 is even more revealing when you cut it down to the Top 50. Whereas Worship, Naija worship, CCM, World worship, Anthem worship, and Christian music found a seat in the Ghanaian people’s 50 best genres to stream on Spotify, Nigeria’s Top 50 was marked by just three religious genres while Kenya’s and South Africa’s counted only two and a single one, respectively.

Remarkably in Uganda, religious music genres listed in the Top 100 all got a spot high up in the first 50 ranks, with CCM leading the way in 26th position.

In Nigeria, the highest-ranked religious genre (Naija worship) placed 45th on the list — curiously even below Ghanaian hip-hop (#40). Similarly in Ghana, Naija worship (#34) ranked higher than Ghanaian gospel (#56).

Meanwhile, Christian alternative rock ranked 67th in both Kenya and Nigeria. Whilst it gained its highest streaming time in Uganda, placing at #39, the genre did not make it into the Ghanaian market’s Top 100.

See what and how religious music genres charted on Spotify in Ghana, in 2021:


33 Worship

34 Naija worship

35 CCM

38 World worship

44 Anthem worship

45 Christian music

56 Ghanaian gospel

62 Gospel

64 Christian pop

87 Contemporary gospel

By: SpotifyAfrica||Ghana

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