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Sarkodie is a legend; I want to make music with him – Grammy nominated producer Nabeyin

Ghanaian Grammy nominated producer, Nabeyin Panford, has disclosed that he will want to work with rap icon Sarkodie.

To him, Sarkodie’s tall list of accomplishments make him epic. As such, he is on top of his list of artistes whom he will like to create a song with in Ghana.

“I want to work with Sark, for sure, I definitely want to work with him,” he said in an exclusive interview with this reporter.

He added that Sarkodie is “already a rap legend and outside of that, he’s just a dope rapper.”

The established hip-hop, RNB and soul producer, who has credits with Wyclef Jean, Drake, Nas, Kanye West and many others, also disclosed that he will like to “try something” with Kelvyn Boy because he simply likes his “sound”.

He didn’t rule out working with any other artiste, although the aforementioned names are the “only ones” he has in mind at the moment.

“I’m open to anyone, whoever is dope,” he said.

During the conversation, Nabeyin said he can’t stop listening to Black Sherif’s global sensation ‘Kwaku The Traveller.’ He went on to say that the song is a “great record from top to bottom.” Asked if he will consider making music with him, he said “of course.”

However, Nabeyin made it clear that he likes working with artistes who are open to “try and experiment” with new ideas that can help “push their sound.”

“And so, I feel like me being in the studio with them would allow me to do that but also at the same time, the artist has to be willing to experiment.”

Nabeyine also indicated that the energy of artistes, and their willingness to “listen” to “suggestions” during the production process is crucial to him.

“If our energies aren’t working and we are always crushing, we will probably never work again. It doesn’t matter who you are, I’m here to make good music, I’m not here for like, you are the biggest artiste so let’s do something. No. I don’t care about that. Can we vibe in the studio, can we create something great? That’s what I’m here for. I’m here to make great records.”

Nabeyin received his first Grammy nomination for his work with Kanye West on the Donda Album – ‘Heaven and Hell’ at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles last week.


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