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The Car I Gave To Joint 77 Wasn’t A Gift But A Company Car – Shatta Wale

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Shatta Wale has said in his latest interview that the car he gave to his former Militant wasn’t a gift but a company car.

About two days ago, news broke that Shatta Wale had sent policemen to take a car he gave Joint 77 while he was in his camp.

According to Shatta Wale in an interview on United Showbiz, he wasn’t behind the idea of taking the car but his brother Willie was.

Shatta Wale categorically stated that his brother had equal rights as him to take the car from him; his manager, Bulldog can do same.

“Willie is my brother and he has every right to take any decision even if I am not around. I didn’t know about the police bit but I later called him to ask about it and he told me he was fed up with what people were doing to me.

It’s like always somebody leaves and wants to paint a bad picture of me,” he said.

The SM boss indicated that Joint 77 wasn’t the only person facing such a thing as other guys had witnessed the same because they refused to realize where they were standing.

“If you work at Ecobank and they give you a car and they sack you, they will collect the car. If they give you a house they will take the house so it wasn’t a gift” he emphatically stated.

Shatta Wale also said his Militants always failed to see the business aspect of the whole music thing.

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