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No Personal Beef, Just Common Sense - Praye Tietia Schools Shatta Wale On How To Respect

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Cartel Big J (Prayetietia) has send a strong message to reggae dancehall artiste, Charles Nii Armah Mensah known as Shatta Wale.

The former member of the the legendary music group Praye took to his Facebook page to advice his fellow musician Shatta Wale for disrespecting almost everyone in the Ghana music industry.

"Bro! Shatta Wale, many are those before you who sacrificed a lot to build an industry for all of us to join. The music industry years ago took blood, sweat, passion and pure talent to entertain Ghanaians for love and country. Legends like Reggie Rockstone and others sacrificed to pave the way for us on the hiplife and Afrobeat, including people who sacrificed and groomed you Bandana for absolutely nothing. You are rich pass all of us, yooo wakaa yeti but I can assure you your so called riches won't make top 10 list musicians even in our neighboring Nigeria here, so bro enough of the disrespect to Ghanaians Artistes, producers, DJs and the entire industry you came to meet. Many Artistes are very comfortable but they don't need to brag and disrespect others like you do. Davido and Wizkid are two of the richest musicians in Africa but they don't find the need to disrespect their predecessors! You dey embarrass yourself and Ghanaian musicians to the World. No personal beef here just common sense and morals being shared. We've had it with the gross disrespect and ridiculing at any given chance. Brag all you want but learn to respect who have made sacrifices for you to 'eat' today! There were people before you and there will be people after you. We are grown men and women who also have families, you don't open your mouth and spew anything anyhow", he wrote.

Written By Bisky

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