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Kaywa Originated The Beat And The Title “Dw?”. We Added Our Verses - Mr Drew

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Andrew Otu well known in the industry as Mr Drew has indicated that their label boss Kaywa gave them the “Dwɛ” beat for them to add their verses.

The “Dwɛ” song which was released in December 2019 was loved by the masses and was trending all over social media platforms. Few days after the release, Mr Drew's former label mate Kurl Songx came out to make a lot of declarations over the song saying Mr Drew and Krymi stole the song from him. The three artistes debated over the songs till the issue died out.

Mr Drew declard in an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom plus Fm, that the “Dwɛ” beat was given to Krymi and himself by Kaywa to add their verses.

"I was there and Kaywa sent me the beat and the title “Dwɛ” to put my verse on until Krymi and myself went to the studio to finalize it. So as to how the beat and title came about, I can’t really talk about it. And the conversation that went on between Kaywa and Kurl Songz, i know nothing about it.

The "Later" hitmaker added that, it would be difficult to know the convo between Kaywa and any of the three.

"When i meet kaywa, the conversation that pops up in there will be very difficult to tell you exactly what both said. The same thing applies to both Krymi and Kurl Songx when they also meet Kaywa," Mr Drew added.

By Ice and Moni

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