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There have been a lot of stream sites in this Technology world of ours to help music fans and lovers to stream music online, and artistes around the globe benefit from it. Are the artistes benefiting from your streams or are you wasting your time and data? I would like us to learn more about these stream sites to help our Artistes to gain from what they put in their works

Tips in Digital Streams


If you can afford it it’s better to buy all tracks separately, (every ten tracks purchased is an album sell) Albums on iTunes don’t count. After you’ve purchased the album if you have Apple Music go to the music library and delete all the downloads of the album to count for streaming.

Apple Music and Spotify:

When you add every song into a playlist you can’t have the repeat button, the streams won’t count, so it’s better to make over a 6 hour playlist. Volume must be over 50%, if you have your volume on mute the streams won’t count (use headphones).

The songs must play over 45 seconds for both Apple Music and Spotify.


YouTube streaming is different and more complicated, you must sign out of your google account for views to count after the first watch and you must refresh your page after each watch.


Play any song of an album/EP on another device while Shazam is open, only one Shazam per hour will count (or) go to your phone settings and find the option that controls all your apps, find Shazam and click "clear data", go back to Shazam


Just Stream normally but make sure not to skip until the song ends.

Lets take note of these tips to help our Artistes to get the funds they put in their works at the end of it.We have been bashing our Artistes to make international moves but our support by streaming their songs the right way on digital platforms will put a lot of funds in their pockets to make major moves on both local and international scenes.

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