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Fameye Entreats For Forgiveness After Having Sex In A VIP Bus

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Highlife artiste, Fameye has remembered having sex with a lady in a VIP bus.

The Singer on Angel Drive, declared he once had sex with his girlfriend in a VIP bus on their journey to Bogoso.

“May God forgive me. I had sex in a VIP bus,” Fameye told the host, Quophi Okyeame, this came in a reaction of shock from one of the 7 ladies seated in the studio. “We were on our way to Bogoso. The lights were off, other passengers were asleep. I rolled down the curtains at my side. She was seated beside me so I made her sit on my laps. It was nice.” He stated.

The "Nothing I Get" hitmaker revealed his constant admiration for actress Martha Ankomah. As stated by him, unlike others who may want to only have sex with their crush, he wished she would be a life partner.

“I wished she would be my spouse back then. I did this three years ago so you can imagine. I’ve been crushing on her.” Fameye declared.

Fameye was asked which part of Martha Ankomah’s body attracted him, He said: “her lips. I like her lips and how she speaks. I like her complexion as well.”

Fameye is out with his new single titled "Okomfour Kwadee"

by Ice Moni

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