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D-Black has hit out on Malik Ofori for Saying Ghanaian artistes must dump singing or rapping in Twi for English if they want to take over Africa

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Ghanaian anglophone hip-hop and afrobeat musician Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, known by his stage name D-Black has replied Malik Ofori who said Ghanaian artists must dump singing or rapping in Twi for English if they want to take over Africa.

Ghanian Youtuber and Social Media Influencer Malik Ofori advised the entire music fraternity in Ghana a few days ago.

In a tweet, he advised that the Ghananian artistes must immediately switch from singing or rapping in local dialects to English. He added that it was that switch alone that could help them to take over Africa.

In his words:

“For Ghana music to take over African music again, Ghanaian artistes need to sing or rap more in English than in Twi, Nigerian’s are dominating cos others can relate and understand them better"

His post attracted a whole lot of comments from music enthusiasts. Stonebwoy also joined to share his opinion. Stonebwoy did not refute the Youtuber’s view but instead gave him his full support.

This afternoon the Vera hit-maker D-Black has replied Malik and he didn't agree to what the YouTuber said. Here is what he said:

"Not true. Nigeria is dominating Cos they have waaay better financing , more business heads running the show and they run it as a business. they also have the numbers!! Do U understand wen Patois from jamaica is spoken or sang? However It’s one of the biggest genres in the world."

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