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Aka Blay says he Received Ghc141 from Ghamro as His royalties during the lockdown period

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Anthony Ackah known in the Entertainment space as Aka Blay a Ghanaian International Guitarist and a Musician has made certain disturbing revelations on the CREATIVE INTERACTION with Legend Dela Yaw Botri show (Stardom Africa Studios) On the show Aka Blay was asked how he sees the Ghanaian Industry compared to that of other countries he had traveled to,

He started emphatically clear that “The Ghana Music Industry exist only in Name but there is NO industry” To support his claim, the veteran guitarist and the #TakingTheGirlsAway hit maker pointed out that Ghana Music Right Organization (Ghamro) sent him some monies during the locked being his royalties for the said month.

Quizzed on how much he received, he said he received Ghc141. Which is rather surprising and disheartening. He then compare what he was given to a CoViD 19 relief package he received from an international music collection outlet in Denmark and to him, he was given £472 (This is not “royalties” but a relief package)

He lamented bitterly about the fact that their hardwork over the years were not yielding the needed benefits they deserve here in Ghana and that those in charge were misappropriating the funds which leaves most of them in abject poverty.

According to him, there’s currently a group of Musicians and Music lovers called “Alliance for Change” which is going all out to ensure that proper structures are put in place for things to be done well, so rightful owners of Intellectual properties could live befitting lives just like their colleagues in Europe and other parts of the world! This is what he had said...

By Ernest Kpodo[ Mc Mens]

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