Worship and praises leader confused church members with her dress

 Dressing appropriately for special events should be a top priority for all women. Some women, on the other hand, seem to dress in whichever way they like for special events these days. The lady in your photograph was caught on video attending church in a $*y gown. It’s impossible to determine whether she’s a church singer or if she was asked to perform at the church. However, most social media users who saw her photo said that her outfit was inappropriate for the occasion.

If you look closely at her clothing, you’ll see that it has exposed her breast to the camera. This is a lady with really large “front goodies”. She wasn’t even wearing a brassiere to conceal her prized possessions. Her voice seems to be passionate, but others believe her breasts will create a lot of difficulties for the males in the church. This is due to men’s high sens!tivity to what they observe.

You may tell that the lady is wearing a wedding band if you look at her fingers. This lady is married, yet her attire does not seem to be that of a married woman. Some social media users said that this is something that the Holy Scriptures forbid, yet some women believe that current fashion is superior to God’s word.

Source: ghananewsprime

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