Nigerians Artist Don’t Owe Ghanaians Artist Anything, Let Sit Our A$$ Down And Work – Koosebor Shares His thoughts

Koosebor host of the most listened and trending late afternoon show share his thought on the music industry on his show at a segment called trending news which shatta wale and Burna boy news was featured on that segment.

He said; “Nigerians don’t owe Ghanaians anything, Nigerian artist don’t owe Ghanaian artist anything, it’s is us, we owe it all to ourselves to make our music go global, we owe it to ourselves to make our music viable, really commercial or make it a way to stand on top of the market”

He continue; It’s about time Ghanaians sit up and start doing the right thing, it got to a time we started blaming Djs and radio presenters for not playing their songs, also it got to a time we started blaming our people for not supporting as Nigerians do when they enters the club, even when Davido said Nigerians in the diaspora support their music then it became the anthem of the Ghanaian artists.

He added; how many Ghanaian artists drops projects and go on a tour?, Even Sarkodie tried with No Pressure, he went to Nigeria and some few other countries , but how many of our people go on tour when they drops projects? Even if they release a project, is it for a twitter hype? and write stories about it.

He continue; What is the mechanisms, are we trying to get some distribution deal and break records with these deals. Burna Boy was on an album Africa Giant which didn’t make it to his expectation, hghe came back doing songs and putting legends on, He place Nutty By Nature On a song and some other legends on a song, he did that to expand his audience and territory. But Ghanaian wants to sound so foreign on our stuffs. Amapiano is going viral here and some artist are angry

By:God Lyod||Ghana|

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