Keep quiet, nobody owes you money – Afia Schwarzenegger slams TT

According to Afia Schwarzeneggar, actor Psalm Adjeteyfio did not plan his life well. And that is why he is jumping around radio stations granting interviews because someone did not fulfil a promise.

A few days ago, leaked audio of TT begging MzGee for kitchen leftovers to eat, went viral. The cringe-worthy audio disclosed that despite the numerous donations that had gone into his plight, TT was still begging for assistance.

Whilst some reprimanded whoever leaked the audio, others felt the veteran actor has done enough damage to his legacy and should shush with the sob stories. One person from the latter group is Afia Schwarzenegger, who believes that it’s high time TT stopped granting interviews because some donors could not meet his needs as promised.

“Uncle TT, you live your life according to your deeds. And that is why I am focused on looking after my children’s education. You don’t have money in anyone’s pocket. So enough with the talk. Close your mouth.

“If you had planned your life well in your hay days, you wouldn’t be granting interviews because someone promised you money, and he hasn’t brought it. So keep quiet,” Afia Schwarzennegar concluded.


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