Don’t Waste Your Time Prophesying About Shatta Wale Because He Is A Spirit – Pastor reveals

A Pastor reveals there’s no need for Prophet to waste time prophesying about Shatta Wale because he is a spirit and blessed already.

The reggae dancehall artiste is always at the center of controversies and last was sent to jail after faking that he has been shot because a prophet said he will die on that said day.

With some people backing him that the action he took was necessary because Ghanaian prophets like saying or prophesying bad things about celebrities while others are of a different view that his action caused fear and panic in the country.

In an interview, a prophet has revealed that there’s no need prophesying about the “1DON” hitmaker as it is a wast of time. He said;

“Don’t waste your time prophesying to Shatta Wale because he is a spirit and he knows where he is going and where he will end.
You don’t have to waste your time to prophesize to him as human because he has a spirit backing him.
Why will you waste your time on Shatta Wale when there’s someone in the Church who needs God’s blessings. God has already blessed him so there’s no need for prophecies because he knows the principles and keys and believe in spiritualities”.

The prophet also disagreed with some Prophets who says the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Akuffo Dampare is attacking Prophets in the country.

“The IGP is not attacking Prophets in the country, he is straightening them but they don’t understand”, he said.


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