We’re Asked To Perform In A Return Flight Ticket To Accra To Perform For Free – Asakaa Boys Cry over Disrespect

Most Big events uses your songs but we don’t see you guys on those stages and its becomes worrying when people use your songs as hype and people will be jamming to the song but you guys are not on those stage, it’s that they don’t approach or you guys are very expensive to handle; Koosebor bitterly asked.

They replied; we are not expensive, like considering the work we are going to do on that stage so no price should be expensive, 

It’s just like how they want to use us, and we are not ready to listen to or how you want us to do things, and when a lot of creative meet we don’t have to repeat the old things.

They even used hippo as an example comparing Jay Z to young Dog or Gucci mill. When people start looking at this as a bigger movement, it will take all these hinges from the industry to get us there, get the people to cheer and get your money in folds, and there is an ego in them.

Koosebor Continue to ask; people give you criteria to perform or what are the things people have you need to appear or perform this way

They Relied; mostly they tried to contact one of us and hoping to get us all to be on stage, and some also say they are booking tickets for us to come and perform for them as free and we see is such a disrespect since we have family to feed,

Why do they want to use us for money without we not getting a penny.

Koosebor continued to ask; was it a free show?

They answered it wasn’t a free show and if they understand they whole industry movement they should have done that.

By:God Lyod||Ghana

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