We Don’t Show Up To Some People because we need New Ideas – Asakaa Boys cries

Koosebor asked that some people are saying I have been calling the boys the but they didn’t show up and what I wanted to help them with will succeed and bring a different vibe or it’s that you feel there is no lame light no more apart from what you guys have or what you guys are achieving or set to achieve for yourself? 

They answered; it like people still haven’t understand what we want to achieve, most at times the requests coming are directly opposite to how we plan to move, most of the request are the things which have already in our systems and they want us to do some, for example when you say Asakaa boys have to do a Cypher, it’s something that have been there already. 

They Added; Asakaa is new so we need new ideas and creative ideas to move at a different space, and why do they this want us to be on the road that they are saying it’s not good? And we don’t see the necessity to be on that lane.

By:God Lyod||Ghana

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