We Are Media friendly Just That they don’t get us they want – Asakaa Boys reply

In the Same interview, Koosebor asked them that, a lot of people are saying they are not media friendly and not friendly to certain people in the industry, how true was it?

They replied, it’s not true, it’s not true because we have been here (PureFm) not being the first time, also we have been at Orange FM, nhyira FM etc., and we have had a lot of media rounds.

The only issue is how they want us, they want us as their begging core and we if we are supposed to answer any question regarding to us then I think we can’t work. And even what we are doing there is a lot of question about it and if we answer all we can progress as a team and it’s a new movement.

He continued; We don’t have any fight with the media, it’s just that they want us to be at a certain corner and they are not seeing us, 

Also They added; everyone who is saying we have issues with the media is coming from a different ceiling, we wanted people to understand us, if you want any information about them and you aren’t in Kumasi, they can hit people close to them for it, we don’t have to drive a four hours journey for an interview and we want the next generation do know that they can do it with the internet.

Koosebor further asked them what do the media want you guys (Asakaa Boys) to act, 

They answered, they want us to be flawless, like no mistake, everything on point, that is why musicians and celebrity look flashy but deep down they are suffering and they are complaining about money not being in the industry because they are forced to look flawless to the media. Is not fair when they tell us to stop our things and work for them since they are the media.

By: God Lyod ||Ghana

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