Kofi Jamar Schools Bar4bar Host About His Experiment and Colors For His Appetite For Destruction Ep

Koosebor; host of Bar4bar asked Kofi Jamar asked Kofi Jamar why he said Appetite for destruction being an experiment and what experiment was that.

Kofi Jamar Replied, it was experiment with sound and my path in music, because after the Ekorso tune, the people created a path for me to be a drill artist which I don’t want to be cornered in one box or limit me because there is so much more in me to explore and this experiment was more into Afro Beat, Hip Pop, Afro Fusion, just to expand myself.

He further Asked his why the dominate of the Purple and The Young Green in the artwork? 

Which he said,” the Purple is for the hip pop version, and stands for confident, confidence, royalty and also stands positive things in Hip Pop.”

The added, “The EP was Afrobeat combined with Hip Pop,” Also the Young Green represent the Afro Beat, and Afrobeat is from Africa and Africa is where u find the greens and the sound itself is Green and that is the concept|God Lloyd|Ghana

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