Twitter Awards 21’: Full List Of Categories Out Now

2021 Twitter Awards

End Of Year Twitter Awards is an annual event to honor influencers and tweeps who put up remarkable performance throughout the year. It started last year 2020, organized by Beno SarkCess @BenopaOnyx1 and its in maiden edition, Ticketlake was the headline sponsor

Midway this year, we came out with the newly added categories to our twitter awards scheme, whilst some were scrapped off. Full list of nominees will be released on the 30th of this month of October but we are happy to let our fellow tweeps and influencers get to know the full list of categories.

Twitter Awards 21’ Categories

Top Football Banter

Male Football Banter

Female Football Banter

Coolest Tweep

New Tweep Of The Year

Most Engaging Tweep Of The Year

Most Engaged Tweet Of The Year

Finest Male Tweep

Finest Female Tweep

Finest Tweep OTY

Diaspora Male Tweep Of The Year

Diaspora Female Tweep OTY

Diaspora Influencer OTY

Artiste Fanbase Of The Year

Influencer Fanbase OTY

Blogger OTY

YouTuber OTY

Most Funniest Tweep OTY

Most Funniest Male Tweep OTY

Most Funniest Female Tweep OTY

Most Promising Male Tweep OTY

Most Promising Female Tweep OTY

Most Promising Tweep OTY

Musician/Musical Tweep OTY

Twitter Event OTY

Best Trend OTY

Drip OTY

Photographer OTY

Male Business Tweep OTY

Female Business Tweep OTY

Business Tweep OTY

Trend Team OTY

Male Influencer OTY

Female Influencer OTY

Influencer OTY


Male Parody Account OTY

Female Parody Account OTY

Parody Account OTY

Couple Goals OTY

Twitter Group OTY

Are there some other categories you may want to suggest? Let’s know in the comments on twitter.

Date, Venue and main flyer for the awards will be out on 30th October, 2021.

Stay tuned…

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