There’s more peace,blessings in having multiple wives than side chics – Dr Kwaku Oteng

Business mogul and boss of Angel group of companies Dr Kwaku Oteng has made some comments with regards to his polygamous nature of life and it has shock many.

Known for being polygamous, the business magnate has revealed in an interview with vault magazine that there’s more peace and blessings in keeping multiple wives than having a lot of concubines.

According to him, it is wise to marry multiple women to have your peace of mind instead of having a lot of side chics because he hasn’t seen any scripture that speaks against polygamy.

He however  added that as a result of his experience in life,it his conception to father his children out of marriage and marry such women.

He further added that he doesn’t understand why some men will keep secret relationships all in the name of obeying the teaching of the Bible when they are very much aware that hiding it is also a sin.

He urged that for a man to have peace of mind, he needs to marry multiple women.

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