Sarkodie’s Flow and Choice of Words Should Be A Study – Worlasi Idolizes

Ghanaian rapper, singer and songwriter, Worlasi has revealed what we should study about Sarkodie.

The multiple award winning rapper, Sarkodie is best known for his flow and delivery and that has won him Black Entertainment Television Awards (BET) best international flow in 2019.

Many of his colleague rappers and African populace are of the opinion that when it comes to flow and delivery as a rapper, there’s nobody better than him on the continent.

Rap has a diverse and different way of going about it. Every rapper and his or her strong hold, either being flow and delivery, punchlines and wordplay, being a deep lyricist or funny and corny lyricist.

Music producer, Hammer of the last 2 once said Ghana should study Sarkodie as a course in schools which became a big deal and debate in the country.

The matter being laid to rest, rapper Worlasi has raised the dead to life by making a tweet similar to what Hammer the producer said couple of years ago. He took to his Twitter page and wrote;

“Sarks rhymes, flow & choice of words should be a study. I think sometimes it is impeccable”.

This has also generated another debate as to Sarkodie’s flow, rhymes and choice of words being a study for Ghanaians especially those doing music in school.

Do you agree with Worlasi that Sarkodie’s flow, rhymes and choice of words should be a study?

By: Bisky

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