If Anybody Wants To Dispute That, Talk To Me – Kaligraph Jones on Sarkodie being the best rapper in Africa

Kenyan rapper and one of the fastest rapper in Africa, Kaligraph Jones affirm the notion of Sarkodie being the best rapper in Africa.

The conversation of who is the best rapper in Africa has been a topic that can’t be resolved as everyone goes for his or her favorite rapper.

Names like Nasty C of South Africa, MI of Nigeria, Manifest of Ghana, Kaligraph Jones of Kenya, Sarkodie, etc comes up whenever there’s that conversation of who the best rapper in Africa is.

Different opinion are shared with regard to this discussion as people take into perspective what they seem fit to be able to call you the best rapper.

As some people say, to be able to judge something well or talk well about something, you have to be involved in it.

With the best rapper conversation, rapper Kaligraph Jones has shared his thoughts and opinion on the issue.

The Kenyan rapper early this year released a song with Sarkodie dubbed “Wave” which amongst many people it is the best hip-hop song released this year in Africa.

The BET best international flow nominee said at the album listening of Sarkodie in Kenya that he is the best rapper from Africa without a doubt. He said;

“Let me make this clear, Sarkodie is the most successful rapper in Africa and the best rapper, if anybody want to dispute that, let him talk to me”.

This will not be the first time a colleague rapper has said that about Sarkodie, as Nigerian rapper MI said he will be only second to Sarkodie as the best rapper in Africa.

Who is your best rapper in Africa?

By: Bisky ||Ghana

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