I spent my first pay cheque on a piece of land- Sarkodie reveals

Award-winning rapper, Sarkodie has revealed that the very first time he received a  major pay cheque from his craft, he used the money to buy a piece of land.

Sarkodie, who is currently on a #NoPressure tour in Kenya, told Pulse Kenya in an interview that although he was a struggling artist by then and could have used the money to ‘treat’ himself, he thought it wise to acquire some property.

“I remember my first pay cheque and it was from a show. Funny enough, it was a tough decision for someone who has been hustling for a while and I had to treat myself. I got a piece of land. Literally the whole money for a land,” he said in the interview.

When asked if the land was still in existence and what has become of it, he responded;

“The area has fast developed now but I still have my spot there. It’s a nice cute land with fly houses around it. The only thing is that the place is far away from me because everything I’m currently working on is close to me. Although the land is far from me, it’s still worth a lot now.”

Sarkodie, who is preaching to the youth to not be pressured on social media in his new album #NoPressure, added that he makes calculated purchases, especially on cars.

“I don’t like spending money on cars. If I get a decent good car that stands the test of time, I could use it but I feel it’s not worth it. Financially, it doesn’t make sense. I don’t have many cars and if I want to get one, I want the type that regardless of time, it will still look new. I think a lot before I make a purchase. I’m the type who always want to make sure I don’t go broke,” he added.

Sarkodie is currently promoting his #NoPressure album in Kenya after having a blast promoting it in Nigeria.


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