‘Sore’ is my song, Asakaa boys just showed love on it – Yaw Tog reveals

According to Yaw Tog, he has not sidelined any asakaa boy because ‘Sore’ rightfully belongs to him. He did show gratitude to them for their love and support since he began his rap career.

Yaw Tog made this fact known in an interview with Mz Gee on TV3 NewDay. He reiterated that he is forever indebted to the asakaa boys for their verses on his song. But they have no royalties or legal hold since the song belongs to him. He also mentioned that he did not sign any legal paperwork.

According to the social media commentary, Yaw Tog has not been fair to two essential contributors to the song, ‘Sore’. O’Kenneth and Reggie were part of the rappers featured on the song but have been noticeably absent since it went viral on the airwaves.
Yaw Tog said, “I am not taking the shine. When the ‘Sore’ song dropped, everyone’s name went up. The song is for me. So people would be calling me for interviews. Not them. We all got that limelight that we are living up

Recounting events surrounding the song, He said the asakaa boys volunteered to contribute to the song. “It was just love. They showed me, love, from day one. I went to their studio, I brought the hook. Everyone did his verse, and we shoot the video. So it was just love.”
He insisted that there was no discussion about the trio (himself, O’Kenneth and Reggie) becoming a group. And pointed out that people spreading rumours were not privy to the facts. He also mentioned that he still has a great relationship with the two gentlemen.

According to Yaw Tog, living with his fame has become somewhat burdensome. He recounted incidences where he deleted videos and pictures his schoolmates take on his blindside. But he is optimistic that his career is just beginning. And promises his fans more hits in the future.


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