Satan Is Fighting God Over The Soul Of Moesha Buduong – Ohemaa Mercy

Sensational Gospel artist Ohemaa Mercy has also chided into the ongoing Moesha-born again saga which has been trending for a few days.

The socialite Moesha has been trending for a few days after a video of hers popped up trying to commit suicide and was saved by some area guys. It was reported in the news that the popular “Slay Queen” Moesha has repented and has allegedly sold all her properties.

In an interview on Kastle FM, Ohemaa Mercy disclosed that whatever happening to Moesha is not normal but spiritual. According to her, the phase Moesha is going through is a moment where the spirit of darkness or the devil and Christ are fighting over her soul.

Ohemaa Mercy stated that since Moesha has declared her stand now in her religious belief and not to be part of the “world” the devil is trying everything within his power to make sure he restrains her and also bring her back in his arms.

Explaining further, she stated that God is also trying to snatch the soul of Moesha from the devil in order to save her from the darkness hence the fight between the two.

Concluding, Ohemaa Mercy said that Moesha needs a person who has gone through such an experience and was able to overcome it to guide and encourage her on how to handle things. She has also urged loved ones to remember her in prayers.


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