12-year-old boarding pupil dead; medical examination shows condom left inside her

The deceased, who was a Junior High School 2 pupil of a Nigerian school, was admitted in a boarding school, where she took ill and was rushed to the hospital.

She, unfortunately, passed on, and medical report indicated she died from an infection of a condom left in her, which contained dead sperm cells.

According to parents of the ward, they received a call from her who said she had an eye infection for which she needed to be taken home.

But the parents said they waited for four hours for their daughter to be released as the school administration said she was being treated in the school clinic to lessen the eye redness.

After back and forth, she was released to her parents and rushed to a major hospital, where it was discovered she had an unusual discharge in her private part, which was later revealed to be sperms leaking out of a condom.

Her urine test is also said to have exposed dead spermatozoa, which caused hyperglycemia triggered by sepsis resulting from the infection caused by the condom in her.

This is said to have corroborated a classmate’s story that she could not walk a short distance from the hostel to the classroom due to stomach pain.

Management of the school confirmed she took ill in the institution but was quick to add that she was being treated for Diabetes.

In a statement, they revealed the school has been invited to the police headquarters for questioning, adding that they are cooperating with police investigations into the sudden death of their beloved pupil.


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