There Is The Need To Build Our Own Digital Streaming Platforms – Okyeame Kwame

By: Ice Moni

Ghanaian musician, songwriter, creative director and entrepreneur,
Kwame Nsiah-Apau, known by his stage name as Okyeame Kwame and also Rap Doctor, has disclosed that it is time for Ghanaians and the industry to create their own digital streaming platforms to benefit the country and the entire musicians.

The Rap Doctor made this statement at Graphic Showbiz forum on TV3’s Executive Theatre on Tuesday, June 22 which was monitored by

Okyeame Kwame said that, it is very important for Ghanaian and African content creators to gain from a monetize platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and more.

“I believe it is significant for Ghana to have its own Spotify, Amazon and other digital platforms so that when artistes create content, we can put them on our platforms and the money will stay in Ghana. He stated.

In addition, The “Yɛɛko” Hitmaker added that “More important is the need for the government to support us who are creating content for these platforms so that we can keep the money at the market economy because it takes money for me to create content and put it on Facebook.

Okyeame Kwame revealed that a lot of people in Ghana and in Africa and beyond have always been making a lot of money from his post on facebook without receiving a dime from anyone or to the Government.

“Because of my content, people come on Facebook and when they do, Facebook will advertise to them and take all the money and not give me and also not give the government,” he declared.

When ask about the benefits of the digital platforms in this COVID-19 era”, the Rap Doctor said the idea of Ghanaians and Africans in general to have their own digital streaming platforms had pushed him to start his own digital platform as Trendasquare

“I’m starting my own digital media platform for Africans to create content. We need to let the world know that we can do our own thing. We must lower the dependence on the West so that they will respect us,” he said.

Currently Okyeame Kwame is having a digital streaming platform known as His main motive for this platform is to support African entertainers.

Mr Nsiah Apau developed this platform with his partners by name Vokacom in the lockdown era.

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