I can give you the statistics of our works last year – Strongman jabs Medikal

Rapper Strongman Burner has taken to his twitter timeline to jab Medikal.

The two have a history of beefing each other in the past and the heat seems to have been rekindled due to the latest happening.

Strongman took to Twitter to jibe Medikal that he can show what he and Medikal got in music last year when Medikal made a statement that he is the one who is winning.

Medikal’s aside claiming he’s the one winning also made laid emphasis about getting the hits and endorsement deals after his beef with strongman in 2019 on United showbiz tonight.

According to Strongman he can show all the statistics to prove him wrong, but also questioned the judgement of the public in instances like this just just because of where their loyalty lie.

In his words

“Last year if you want the statistics of our works, I can help you with that ….. sake of momo most people won’t be honest……
Never disrespect my hard work
The only difference is you have a movement and I’m alone”

By: Okyere Kwame Tawiah (@okt_ranking)

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