Ghanaian millionaire in 1970/80s made metal garage to hide expensive Benz from President JJ Rawlings from being confiscated 

As a military leader and a man who is of socialist background, Jerry John Rawlings had always believed in equality. He would go the extra mile to make sure the national cake reached everyone as a military leader and a man who believed in the ideals of socialism.

Here’s a story of a rich Brong Ahofo man who is believed to be very rich in the 70s and 80s. Well people say he’s still rich. Reports have it that he was the only rich man who could afford to buy this model of Mercedes Benz during Rawlings regime. According to the story, the man built metal garage to hide the car from being seized.

After 35years the garage was opened the very first time. History has it that, things were very difficult in the 80s. Only the rich could enjoy before and even after Rawlings took over from the Liman government, and he had no option than to confiscate the properties of the rich, to seize goods and produce of people hoarding them those days. History has it that his military government seized properties of many rich men across Ghana.

The rich man who’s name is Alhaji Agyaa is still alive and in good health according to reports. We’re told the name of the Benz vehicle was called Alhaji Agyaa Benz. People also say a street has even been named after this great man.

he’s still alive and healthy, those days, I remember when I pip through the garage to watch this car. We were told the car can fly and has machine gun, this man is great. One Twitter user remembers when he was a little boy.

Some people have suggested the car be sent to Ghana museum because of the story behind it.


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