Film Classification Committee to sanction unclassified audio-visual materials from May 1st

The Film Classification Committee (FCC) under the National Film Authority (NFA) has informed the general public that from May 1st 2021, no audio-visual content will be exhibited without being classified and/or examined.

The FCC led by Socrates Safo made this announcement on Wednesday 10th March 2021. Backed by the Development and Classification of Films Act 935, the committee has warned stakeholders to take note of the announcement as defaulters would face the law. In view of making the caution reach everyone, the CEO of Movie Africa who doubles as the Chairman of the FCC Mr. Socrates Safo has launched a media tour to sensitise the public.

Find below the full statement of the FCC:

As it is stated in the Development and Classification of Films Act 935, all audiovisual content shall be previewed and classified before exhibition. After several consultations with various stakeholders of the audiovisual industry in Ghana, the general public is hereby expected to note the following:

From 1st May 2021, no television station, cinema theatre or movie screening centre shall show any unclassified audiovisual content.

Such audio-visual content includes feature films, short films, TV series, selected TV programs, documentaries, advertisements, music videos meant for public exhibition and broadcasting.

A right owner, license or assignee who desires to exhibit on audio-visual content shall submit the content to the Film Classification Committee for examination and classification at least twenty-one days before the intended exhibition.

Anyone who fails to comply with the set rules shall be subject to the Offences and Penalties in Section 27 of the Development and Classification of Films Act 935.

FCC Release Film Classification Committee Realease


Emmanuel Garbrah

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