Boomplay Upgrades its interface and additional attractive features.

Africa’s favorite streaming platform Boomplay has proven to be a force to reckon with when it comes to design and user-friendly interface. The Transsnet Music Limited developed platform keeps upgrading its designs and features which has made the platform more attractive to users such as myself. Boomplay has been giving Africa freemium streaming services since its inception and has been a go to for new songs released in Africa ie Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire etc.

Click share on the Boomplay app and click the embed button

Copy the code provided and paste in your article

As a writer who writes about music more often, I always embed music links in my articles for my readers to relate to the content I’m writing about. Boomplay being my first go to streaming platform, the embed coding wasn’t available until recently when I discovered the web player has finally made it available. The images shows how the embedded code is generated and below shows the results.

The example used is Yaw Tog’s new EP dubbed TIME which was released today and available on the platform. It is instructive to note that the Mobile app also had its own share of updates. One has to be the “Facebook stories” sharing feature which can inform your friends what you’re listening to on Boomplay.

How it looks like after sharing on Facebook stories

It has also enabled easy tap-to-listen feature on the home page where new music can be streamed without hustle by the over 75 million users. You can equally download a full album/Playlist if you’re a premium user. Indeed these upgrades are very attractive and handy for users not to struggle accessing their favorite songs on the platform.

Image displaying play icon and download features

The above image displays the home page of the app version. You can see the play icon which I’ve pointed with a red arrow and the download button is featured on Playlist and albums.


Emmanuel Garbrah

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