Sarkodie Reveals why He Raps In His Native Tongue(Twi)

Rapper Sarkodie has revealed that he raps mostly in his native language[Twi] just because the mases like to dilute his content.

When asked by France Ambassador to Ghana Anne Sophie Ave’ why he raps in Twi on #TouchOfFranceGh , Sarkodie said he rapped in Twi because he felt better expressing himself well in his native tongue for the masses to be able to dilute his songs

H.E Anne-Sophie Avé(left) and Sarkodie(Right)

In his words

“I’ve always believed that, to express yourself creatively, you need to add your soul and emotions. You have to be in tune with yourself and think mostly you can relate more if you speak in your native tongue. You can say whatever you really wanna say. They wanna dilute the content you bring out and that’s very necessary for me. This is what I’m comfortable with. I can say anything from my heart through Twi so for me to rap in any other language I could do that for business but mainly I’m a true artist that believes in my creative work, so anything I put out, regardless of whatever that comes out with the limitations and people can’t understand you, I still feel like if your emotions are in it, people can connect to it so I believe in that.

I think there are probably some good rappers or musicians out there but if you’re rapping in Ga which people in Kumasi where I’m from wouldn’t be familiar with, they know it but wouldn’t even learn it. I don’t even speak Ga, so that could be a limitation but Twi, almost every tribe knows a little bit of it and aside from just speaking Twi, it’s about what you’re talking about and the lyrics I put out there are very necessary for the everyday people to relate to. “

He was further asked if rapping in Twi was a way of exposing or promoting his culture and this was his response: “It’s always interesting that I get the most love out there. Obviously I have great shows in Ghana, people love me, but it’s always super fun when I go out there to people who don’t have any idea who you are but they really love your music – that’s refreshing, and back to what I said, it’s more of the emotion that I put in the music that makes them like it cos we also like music that we don’t understand. My favourite artist of all time is Youssou N’Dour. I really don’t understand what he says but he does incredible music. If the melody is good and then good rhythm, you just can feel it – music is the language.”

You can the watch the full interview on YouTube

By Okyere Kwame ( @okt_ranking)

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