A Gatekeeper Sadiq Abdulai Abu Has Urged Ghanaian Artistes To Put In Much Effort In Music Promotion

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 3Music Awards, Sadiq Abdulai Abu has urged Ghanaian artistes to do much in promoting their songs.

He took to his Twitter timeline to enlighten the artistes

According to his words

“I think music promotion in these parts is poor. I know the talents are trying, but it needs to be said that, we haven’t seen that deliberate, superior strategy to activate and push that good creative content our talents keep churning out.

The approach so far seems lazy and often based on entitlement or should I say expectation that “industry” or people at the helm of industrial promotional channels must do it for us kinda without any deliberateness to push it.

The “support your own” ???Ato nsuom, it’s??? become one sided, benefitting only one side and not working. You have got to activate it and turn whatever opportunities exist in your favour and not have certain expectations you know too well you can’t make some concessions for.

It’s become very predictable what talents do these days. Release the song, get the fanatics to make it trend for one night, by the next morning, the trends disappear along with the song.

Again, talents need to go beyond celebration of “1million streaming wins” every now and then. It’s sub-standard now. Our boys can get those crazy numbers in the period they want. They need to activate it and pursue it with some deliberate and superior strategy.

The excuses about less population numbers doesn’t cut anymore. Lot of case studies to back this. The promotional effort should be as kickass and superior as the process of creating the product. Put in the extra work guys.”

You and I will agree to what he said because music promotion in this part of our country is not strong as we expect our Artistes to put in effort.

By Okyere Kwame (@okt_ranking)

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