A 14 Year Old Girl Gets Butchered By Her Boyfriend


Reports reaching is a guy has butchered his girlfriend after a long period of dating.

A guy (name witheld) in his 20’s has butchered a young girl of fourteen after news broke out that she couldn’t continue to date him for reasons only known to her.

According to eyewitness, the young girl told her boyfriend that she could not continue with the relationship anymore and the guy upon hearing the news went to threaten the girl’s mother that if she didn’t talk to her daughter to come back to him he would kill her.

The unfortunate news happened in the hot hours of Saturday, November 28, 2020 on the girl’s premises where the guy banged in with machete and started butchering her without thinking twice. The guy is now on the run and the matter is in the hands of police in Sekyere Kumawu District, and the victim is now at Agogo Government Hospital.

According to reports gathered from the girl’s classmates, the victim’s father died when she was three years old so the mother decided to give her child to the young guy in order to help cater for her since she was a single mother. Reports say the guy has spent a lot on the girl and he acted that brutal way after he realized the girl didn’t love him again.

By Kwabena Seeker(@__kobbie)

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